Audit & Advisory

Issue audit reports to meet statutory requirements for annual audit engagements.  Our team specializes in external audits.  Our approach is a risk-based focus.

For organizations that require an audit for statutory or regulatory reasons associated with the filing of their annual and periodic financial information, we can provide high-quality audit services.

We also suggest any key internal control or weakness that we find out during our audit performing to our client management directly. We appreciate helping our client to improve the internal control and accounting system.

Our audit approach is quality, integrity and independence, you can be assured that we can do our best in auditing your financial statements.  Issue audit reports to meet statutory requirements for annual audit engagements.  Our team specializes in external audits.  Our approach is a risk-based focus.

Accounting Service

RIGHTVIEW offers flexible and various accounting packages that can be adapted to the specific requirements of our clients. Costs are dependent on the size and nature of the client’s company, the volume of monthly turnover, and the number of transactions recorded per month.

Full accounting and bookkeeping services keep your books in the best shape possible throughout the year. This allows the auditor’s job to be smooth which then translates into a lower annual audit cost for your business. For someone who is new to the idea of Thai taxation or simply changing your accounting service providers, RIGHTVIEW will make sure the transition goes smoothly with the assistance of our accounting team. We will handle all paperwork and heavy lifting so that your team can focus on running your business instead of spending time understanding Thailand’s taxation laws. Even with a small number of employees, the process of calculating and processing salaries can be seen as a tedious and time-consuming procedure. As a result, we provide flexible payroll services that improve payroll management for small and medium-sized businesses.

Payroll service

You can trust our strictly confidential & punctual service for monthly payroll, tax and social security filing.

Tax Planning

Provide tax advisory in terms of tax compliance and planning as well as tax issues or tax disputes.  We provide assistance by giving our tax opinion on the current tax status in all tax areas, including BOI-promoted activities, as well as potential tax savings.

Accounting system implementation

Our accounting system implementation provides services related to control around the financial reporting process for the management team, including internal control and lean process by using IT technology.

Company Registration Service

For foreign businesses, company registration is too complicated due to the registration procedures, the required documents and forms are in Thai. You should have the right person that you can trust and communicate with in Thai on your behalf. The one can suggest what the best choice should be for your situation.

     What the type of business organization should be?

     How much is the minimum tax cost?

     How to control your business?

     What about annual financial statements and tax filing?

     And ...?

If you are looking for that one, we are your solution.

We are the entire advisory that can help you to choose what the best choice you can do business in Thailand.

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